Album Review: Breakers Broken, “Reset”

n10332893726_8486Let me tell you a little secret here: despite my predilection for sad boys with guitars and esoteric lyrics, I can definitely enjoy a good pop-rock-hit-the-dance-floor sort of album.  I imagine my love of danceable music can be traced back to two things: not being a big emo-not-teenager anymore, and the amount of time I now spend in gay bars, where if it doesn’t have crazy beats, it’s not going to play.  So, yeah, I can definitely appreciate something that makes me want to get out of my seat.

This EP, by local trio Breakers Broken, falls into that get-your-ass-out-of-your-seat category for me.  The eight tracks of the release flow together seamlessly, and I could easily imagine this record being slightly remixed and spun at a dark, crazy nightclub.  Breakers Broken have also managed to do something that I rarely see: create an awesome pop/rock/electronic/exciting record without sacrificing in lyrical quality.  How many songs do you hear that are awesome to get down to, but when you pause to listen to the lyrics, you’re left going “…really?  are we twelve now?”  No, they’re much better than that, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

The album opens up with “Last Man on the Planet”, an energetic track with vocals reminiscent of, dare I say it, Michael Jackson.  Only (musical blasphemy ahead) I like this way more.  Instrumental track “How Novel.” connects the first track with the third, “When She Needs Me,” which sounds to me like the centerpiece of the album (and which appears again at the end in a extended cut). I find myself particularly fond of “Failing System”.  The hooks are catchy and I’m already finding myself chair-dancing listening to this album.  (Well, it’s more like that disaffected hipster head-bob instead of legit dancing, but work with me here.)  Reset is of those albums I can see myself putting in whenever it’s a dreary day outside (hey, winter is coming up, so it’s going to be dreary for a long time) just to cheer myself up.

Keep your eye on these guys, because they definitely deserve to go far.

Check out Breakers Broken on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, or just head over to their website which gathers all their links in one convenient place.  The album is available on iTunes, and several songs are streaming on Myspace.