Andrew Bird, Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church, 12/15

AB 1215 072
“When it gets to the part when it breaks down, can you clap along? I know it’s a little corny, asking you to clap. If I was out there, and someone said to clap along, I’d be, ‘hey, I’m not your monkey’.”

Andrew Bird just perfectly encapsulated one of the reasons I don’t like clapping along to songs in shows.  For him, though, since he asked nicely, I played along.

The setlist was much the same as Monday’s show, but there were still a few surprises.  I am still absolutely enthralled at Nomenclature live; I’d honestly sort of figured that I would never see it, as it hadn’t made its way into any of the shows I’ve been to over the past year.  I’d thought that maybe he just didn’t want to have to pull off that complicated opening repeatedly in a live setting, but I guess he was waiting for just the right moment to bring it out.  After hearing it these past two shows, I’ve decided that he can play it every time and I’ll be okay with that.

Also, he pronounced the word “Gezelligheid” for us.  Thank you, Mr. Bird, for helping me figure out just how to say that.

1.  Instrumental
2.  Instrumental
3. The Water Jet Cilice
4. Oh, Baltimore (instrumental)
5. Natural Disaster
6. Sectionate City
7. Lusitania
8. The Barn Tapes
9. Carrion Suite (instrumental)
10. Meet Me Here at Dawn (Cass McCombs cover)
11. You Woke Me Up (vocal version)
12. Nomenclature
13. Giant of Illinois (Handsome Family cover)
14. Happy Birthday Song
15. Capital I
16. Scythian Empires
17. Oh Sister (Bob Dylan cover)
18. Some of These Days