Andrew Bird, Chicago’s Fourth Presbyterian Church, 12/16

AB 1216 012 EditOn “Capital I”, a Sesame Street song: “The lines about rubbing it here, polishing it there, they make me feel a little funny inside… but I kind of enjoy it.”

Looking increasingly scruffier as the week goes on, Andrew Bird also seems to be getting more and more comfortable with this installment of church shows.  Sure, he’s still as twitchy and, well, neurotic as always, but he was a bit more relaxed on night three.  I wonder what night four will bring…?

Tonight’s set list has song names, believe it or not, for the instrumental parts.  Not because I am some genius who managed to connect the dots and realize what some of these songs were, but because I managed to take a picture of the setlist from the woman who had snatched it off of the stage.  (Thanks, by the way!)

1. Instrumental (Dance Of Death, from The Ballad of the Red Shoes)
2. Instrumental (Bb Ab G)
3. Instrumental (Master Sigh)
4. Instrumental (Danse Carribe)
5. The Water Jet Cilice
6. Instrumental (Oh Baltimore)
7. Section 8 City
8. Natural Disaster
9. The Barn Tapes
10. The Sifters (“If I were the night sky…”)
11.  Carrion Suite
12.  Headsoak
13.  You Woke Me Up
14.  Fitz and the Dizzyspells
15.  Giant of Illinois
16.  Happy Birthday Song
17.  Capital I
18.  Scythian Empires
19.  Oh Sister
20.  Some of These Days