News & Links – January 8

Every day, I sit down and go through my Google Reader account and through Twitter and open up about a million tabs of things to read. I figured that on a slow, snowy day like this — right now, I’m the only person who’s managed to show up to my workplace — I might as well share some of these with you.

Vic Chesnutt by Sandlin Gaither

With the unfortunate passing of Vic Chesnutt on Christmas, fans across the internet have been sharing their stories about him — memorable concerts, quotes, photos, etc.  Southern Shelter, an Atlanta-based music blog, has posted recordings of nearly 20 shows from over the years.  This includes a recording of a show from 2003, where Andrew Bird popped in to play violin on two tracks (“Zippy Morocco” and “Stay Inside”, both from his 2003 release, Silver Lake).   I haven’t had the chance to listen yet, but recordings from Southern Shelter are always great, and I’ve no doubt that this one will be any different.  MP3 files are available direct from the blog.  FLAC files are available elsewhere, if that’s your thing.

The Music Memoirs asks you to weigh in with what you’re most excited for in music for 2010.  I can’t wait to find out the Lollapalooza lineup so I can figure out if I made a good decision to cave and buy a 3-day pass already or not.

TJ of Viva La Mainstream is subjecting himself to Top 40 radio for the good of mankind, or something like that, in his new feature, aptly titled Adventures in Top 40 Radio.  Music bloggers: listening to questionable music so you don’t have to.

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Jim DeRogatis previews the Tomorrow Never Knows festival, hosted by Schubas and, this year, sister venue Lincoln Hall. 

SXSW has named many more acts, including headliner Cheap Trick.  The still incomplete, yet already incredibly overwhelming list of bands performing at SXSW is available on the calendar.  Other acts I’ve noticed which have caught my eye (or ear, as it may) include Azure Ray, Jessie Baylin, Basia Bulat, Danielson (last time I saw him, he was singing inside a giant foam tree), Efterklang, Elizabeth & the Catapult, Freelance Whales, The Happy  Hollows, Ed Harcourt, Harper Simon, The Magic Numbers, Mariachi El Bronx, Marina & the Diamonds, Kate Miller-Heidke, Holly Miranda, Smith Westerns, Butch Walker, Imaad Wasif, The xx, and Jenny Owen Youngs.