Wow, That’s a Good Song: April Smith, “Bright White Jacket”

I first learned about April Smith while scoping out what acts to see at Lollapalooza last year, and while I admittedly didn’t get to see much of her act, what I did see was impressive. I’ve been following her online since then and eagerly await her new album. Popdose already has a preview of the album, Songs for a Sinking Ship, which is due out on February 23rd.

Below is a stand-out track from her first album, 2005’s loveletterbombs.

I’m sure I won’t be quite the same
So before I go
I wanted
Oh, I wanted you to know
That a million men in their bright white jackets
Could never erase you from my mind
But when they bring me back to you
And tell you that I’m shiny new
The girl that you see may not be me
Behind these eyes anymore

Is the song a literal story about the effects of mental illness?  Is it a metaphor for something?  Is it just some damn good storytelling?  I don’t know.  The armchair psychologist in me is fascinated by the song, regardless of its origins.  The music lover in me thinks that it’s a fantastic showcase for April Smith’s amazing voice.

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