Wow, That’s a Good Song: Brandi Carlile, “That Year”

A beautiful video for a devastating song.  Ok, I could have done without the giant CGI bee flying across the screen. But otherwise, the video is very serene, just Brandi and a guitar and nature blooming around her.

Must have have been New Year’s
No one invited you, took things too far
But I missed you and your antics
You were lonesome and blue-eyed
And so special to us

You could have taken a long break
Instead of a long drop from a high place
Ten years I never spoke your name
Now it feels good to say it
Your’re my friend again

Brandi has mentioned that this song is about a friend of hers who committed suicide in high school; for the longest time, she hated him for it, but over the years, she’s come to terms with it, and as she says, it’s good to say that he’s her friend again. The song’s clearly an emotional one for Brandi, but so beautiful to hear her perform it.

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