Chatroulette Hilarity Strikes Again

I’ll spare you the description of what ChatRoulette is, but if you’ve managed to miss out on this newest piece of internet WTFery, this Daily Show clip pretty much explains it all.

So a couple of weeks ago, this random, semi-anonymous viral video popped up on the internet, of  “Merton”, a vaguely nerdy guy in a hoodie doing some piano improv while on ChatRoulette.  It is, needless to say, really impressive, and with three million views, the internet is all over this video.  It might perhaps be the best use of ChatRoulette yet.  Way better than dudes masturbating, at any rate.

This guy’s ability to do improv is pretty amazing.  And while I’m not a huge fan of Owl City’s ten-zillion-firefly-hugs song, the fact that “Merton” here can just bust out with the song on request impressed me.

After I watched it, I was reminded of Ben Folds, for the piano geekery and the improv.  Well, apparently Ben Folds was reminded of Ben Folds, too, because, well… just check it out:

Tip of the hat to Drowned in Sound for the Ben Folds link.