Concert Review: Angel Taylor and Green River Ordinance, Lincoln Hall 3/31

Since I’ve procrastinated and procrastinated on getting this review up, let’s just make this short but sweet.  You can check out my photos from the show on Flickr

Angel Taylor, who was the main reason I wandered up to Lincoln Hall for the show, did not disappoint.  She always puts on a solid, if slightly irreverent, performance.  The 22-year old Taylor’s music is full of heartbreak, warnings against mean boys who will break your heart, and longing for meeting that special someone and falling in love.  She is still a young performer, both in age and career, and it shows a bit in her stage banter, which can be a little rambly and TMI at times.  But she’s hilarious, and her sidetracks and detours work well with her laid-back personality.  Most of her songs came from her debut album, Love Travels, but she also tossed in a cover of Radiohead’s “Creep”, which she said she had never performed live before.  (Scroll down for my video clip of that performance.)  I wonder if she picked it up from Brandi Carlile (Taylor opened for Carlile last year on tour), who I know also performs that song in shows, albeit with a bit more angry fire than Taylor’s more pop-like version.

Angel Taylor

I wasn’t familiar with headlining act Green River Ordinance, although they certainly had a fairly die hard group of fans at the show.  There was even a group of girls who had dance moves to one of their songs, “Goodbye L.A.”  Crazy! Their music is very radio-friendly pop-rock, and while they’re a young band, they have a very tight stage presence.  In addition to playing a good deal of material from their major label debut, Out of My Hands (they have two prior releases on a small, independent label), they also threw in a handful of covers, including the ubiquitous “Single Ladies”, Joan Osborne’s “One of Us”, and Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'”.  Green River Ordinance was joined by Angel Taylor and her band on “Free Fallin'”, turning the song into a giant show-closing party.  I’m choosing to ignore the fact that I think a sizeable chunk of the audience wasn’t even born yet whenever “Free Fallin'” came out.

Green River Ordinance

Angel Taylor performing Radiohead’s “Creep”.  I unfortunately missed the first few lines of the song, as she just launched right into it with little introduction.

Angel Taylor: Official Website | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Store
Green River Ordinance: Official Website | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Store