Upcoming Show: The Schlapentickle Family Burlesque & Revue

Looking for something a little different for a Sunday night out?  The Lincoln Tap Room has something that might fit the bill.  Former Chicagoan and current New Yorker Sabrina Chap brings her cabaret-burlesque show to town this week, and it certainly looks like one of those shows that will be memorable, to say the least. The show includes burlesque performances by Paco Fish, Marla Meringue, and Chicagoan Barrett All, grinder-girl sideshow performer Miss Pussykatt (you may remember her from America’s Got Talent), and the “raunchy ragtime” of Sabrina Chap.

The show is on Sunday at 9:00 pm at the Lincoln Tap Room (3010 N. Lincoln), and cover is $5.

If you’re not sure what, exactly, you’d be getting yourself into, check out the promo video below.  It is most likely NSFW (unless you work somewhere that is a-ok with burlesque.  If so, I want to know where this is, so I can make them hire me).

The Schlapentickle Family Burlesque & Revue: Official Site | Facebook