Wow, That’s a Good Song: Dan Mangan, “Road Regrets”

Apparently this is my time for Discovering Music I Shamefully Missed Out On.  “Road Regrets” is a strong opener to Dan Mangan’s 2009 album, Nice, Nice, Very Nice, and it just gets better from there.  Also, I’m a sucker for animated videos of any sort.

But watch out for the paraphrase
‘Cause they will crown you and they will take your legs
See the gas is more than what you get paid
But do it anyway
It’s a shame
It’s a crying shame
Them’s the breaks
And ain’t it always the way
It takes you back to from where it is you came

One of my favorite things about this video is just how well it was directed, I suppose you could say. I’ve seen my share of animated videos that, while the visuals match up with the words or the feeling, it doesn’t match with the music. But here, for example, at 1:33, the car careens through the air and the song just hangs on its chord; the car drops down to the water just as the tempo kicks back up.  That’s the kind of stuff I love.  </nerd>

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