Wow, That’s A Good Song (Possibly?): Shinyribs, “Poor People’s Store”

The radio situation isn’t fantastic here in Denver. Fortunately I’ve got friends in better places, namely Austin, Texas, who will IM me with something along the lines of “KGSR IS PLAYING SOMETHING BIZARRE YOU HAVE TO HEAR THIS.”

Upon listening to the song, I said, “This is either the best or worst song ever. I seriously can’t decide.” Judge for yourselves:

You can get more at the poor people’s store
The poor people’s store where you can get it
Some socks with flames, pills for your pain
Razors infused with the essence of rain
Cigarette lighter that says, “I’m no quitter”
And a fish that sings “Take Me To The River”

I’ve been to that store, and I can definitely verify the existence of that fish.

Shinyribs is Kev Russell, who’s also part of Austin-area band The Gourds. I don’t think I can answer the question right now as to whether this is the best or worst song ever, but I think I’ll be doing more research tomorrow — whatever the quality of this song, I like what I hear.

Shinyribs: MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Store

P.S. Darren Hanlon — you know, this guy — put up more tour dates last week. Check it out! I’m praying for no snow on November 16 so I can make it to Colorado Springs and back in one piece.