Andrew Bird, Fourth Presbyterian Church, 12/15

Much as I did last year, I’ll be saving my full commentary until after all the shows are done. After Wednesday night’s show, I am full of thoughts already, so I’ll need some time to digest.

“The horns have been multiplying. It’s been a fertile year.” –Andrew Bird on the 21 hornlets joining him on stage, pictured above.

The Gezelligheid shows always seem to bring out a different Andrew Bird than the one we see throughout the rest of the year.  While I could never call an Andrew Bird concert predictable, there are certain songs that you expect to pop up, particularly if he’s playing with the full band.  With these shows, however, all bets are off, as Bird frees himself to try out new songs, or to introduce us to older ones which are continuously evolving.  Based on last year’s shows, it seemed like it took a few days for Bird to settle in to his cavernous surroundings at Fourth Presbyterian Church, so I’m excited to see what the next two shows bring.

Instrumental (opening of Nomenclature)
Wake Up (on setlist as Dyin’ Beds)
Carrion Suite
Desperation Breeds (on setlist as Breeding Desperation)
The Lazy Projector
Capital I
Oh Baltimore
Give It Away
Barn Tapes (with Jeff Parker)
Danse Carribe (with Jeff Parker)
Section 8 City (with Jeff Parker)
Orpheo Looks Back
Fatal Shore
Goin’ Home (Charley Patton)

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