Andrew Bird, Fourth Presbyterian Church, 12/17

I’ve got a few other writing projects that I need to work on this weekend that I sort of forgot about, so I need to wait to gather my thoughts on all of the Bird shows.  Until now, here are just a few tidbits from Friday night’s show.

Friday’s show saw a few new additions to the setlist, including some older songs (“Plasticities”) and a newer song which has been slightly reworked since I last heard it (“Lusitania”).  Some of the best moments by far, though, were when Nora O’Connor joined Andrew Bird on stage for a handful of songs, including a acoustic cover of the Handsome Family’s “Don’t Be Scared”, which literally gave me chills.  Some great stuff has been going on at these Gezellegheid shows, and I can only hope that they do in fact become an annual tradition.

Wake Up
Carrion Suite
Desperation Breeds
The Lazy Projector
Capital I
Dear Dirty (w/ Jeff Parker)
Barn Tapes (w/ Jeff Parker)
Danse Caribbe (w/ Jeff Parker)
Headsoak (w/ Nora O’Connor)
Weather Systems
Fatal Shore (w/ Nora O’Connor)
Don’t Be Scared (The Handsome Family, w/ Nora O’Connor)
Goin’ Home (Charley Patton, w/ Nora O’Connor)

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