Wow, That’s a Good Song: The David Mayfield Parade, “I Just Might Pray”

As I mentioned on Twitter recently, the guys of Cadillac Sky have gone on an indefinite hiatus.  I’m very glad that I was able to discover them when I did, and that I saw what have turned out to be some of their last shows.  They’ll all be pursuing other projects, and I imagine that this solo side project by the delightfully bearded David Mayfield is just one of those sorts of projects.

You’re like an angel when the sun is in my eyes
Like a savior, save me from this life
Give it all to have you in my arms tonight
Dear god, don’t let this one slip away
I don’t believe it, I just might pray, I just might pray

It’s impossible not to watch David Mayfield and keep a straight face.  He strikes me as a born entertainer.  I just got his CD in the mail the other day and I am excited to give it a spin.

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