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  2. Rick

    I found your post to be very interesting, and confusing at the same time. Maybe it’s because I’m one of Wilco’s target audience members (30’s, white, male), but I’m not sure exactly what you want Jeff Tweedy to do. It seems like you have two beefs with Mr. Tweedy. 1) He somehow has left you, the female music fan, hung out to dry. His music somehow attracts men more than women, and because of that, the band hasn’t adequately reached out to female fans. 2) You’re worried about the new label and Tweedy’s ability to effectively control what music he wants to put on that label. It’s possible I misunderstood your points completely.

    As for the first point: it’s music. Who is Tweedy writing for? Me? You? Himself? Either way, we all can enjoy it, right? There are no barriers to entry. There isn’t album artwork that features scantily-clad women ala “Smell The Glove”. I’m pretty sure they sell woman’s styled t-shirts at the merch store, right? What more do you want? Should they start writing songs about rainbows, princesses, and puppies? I hope you get my point. It’s music. I’m pretty sure Wilco wants to balance making the MOST money possible, with making music and touring the way they want to. Do they want more female fans? Sure. More male fans? Sure. I ask you, what do you want them to do to show their appreciation for the female fans they do have?

    And for the second point, lets give him a chance to fail before we demonize him. You say, “It’s because with authority comes responsibility, and because I’m not sure his ideas of what’s ‘worthy’ for preservation and promotion are going to enhance American music by promoting groups that fall outside mainstream demographics.” Wait. So, his job in running a label is to enhance American music by promoting non-mainstream music? I thought that he gets to choose who he promotes for whatever reason he wants.

    I guess I just don’t understand exactly what you want him to be. We know he’s a good musician, and a good writer, and in my opinion, a pretty smart guy. Why does he have to be more than that. Why is there a responsibility to some ideal? Why does he have to be a demographic-uniter, or a champion of a certain type of music? Lets just let him be. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want to be “Jeff Tweedy, American Music God” which is what people often make him out to be. He’s just a man.

    I’m just hopeful their new record is better than their last. I haven’t listened to Wilco (The Album) in a long time, but I find myself visiting AM, Being There, Summerteeth, and YHF frequently. That’s what I’m thinking about: more good music and more good shows.

    I think you were getting to that in the last graph of your post. It’s the music that matters. Fuck the context. Music’s about feeling, not thinking.

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