Happy Valentine’s Day: Charlotte Martin, “I’m Normal, Please Date Me”

I have always been ambivalent-to-irritated about this whole Valentine’s Day thing.  But there are a lot of great songs out there that are all love-y and whatnot, and I thought for a moment about posting cutesy happy love songs all day.

Then I realized that the idea alone sort of made me want to gag.  So, let’s swing in the opposite direction, shall we?  And for that, what better song for the holiday than Charlotte Martin’s ode to a potential beau?

(Fair warning, this song treats stalking in a humorous fashion.)

I have got a lot of hobbies, some of which include phone calls that hang up quick, click
I was somewhat immature, you won’t believe how getting dumped makes girls grow up
All girls that say they don’t obsess are full of shit and such a mess but
I’m normal please date me
I won’t call you half as much as you call me
I’m normal please date me
I have only stalked a couple guys but they were not about surprises
Don’t run away, ’cause baby I’m your dream

Charlotte’s been tweaking the lyrics lately, and the song takes on an even weirder twist when you realize that she’s currently very, very pregnant.

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