9 responses to “Concert Review: Ryan Bingham and the Dead Horses, Ogden Theatre, 2/25/11”

  1. Jason White

    I think you must have been standing to close to the speakers, I was standing in the middle in front of the sound board and I couldn’t disagree more about the over all sound and the tightness of the band. I have listened to these guys hundreds of times on my high-fi system spinning the best of vinyl and how they sounded like last night blew even that away. Coming in to the show I wasn’t sure how good these guys were going to be, I was worried about amateur hour, but to my mind blowing suprise these guys are truly rock stars who won’t get their due until they do about five more hollywood movies soundtracks. I can agree that people in the crowd were less than pleasant, where hole do these strange humans crawl out of?

  2. Jackie

    In reference to your last paragraph, that was the exact scene that I was involved in (not sure if I am one of the two girls you are talking about). However, I would also like to say thanks to that man as well. My friend & I greatly appreciate his chivalry.

  3. Peter

    I think you hit the nail on the head, the sentiments on my photo gallery are basically the same. It’s amazing, the audience is all that my girlfriend and I could talk about after the show (and all we’re still talking about). We were up front and had gotten there at open, yet we had people pushing and shoving their way forward numerous times late in the show, pushing us out of the way for their own personal purposes, starting fights, while simultaneously flashing peace signs. It was one of the most identity-confused, imaged-driven crowds I think I have ever encountered — listening to simple, peace-loving music, wearing long hair and western-fashion, while behaving aggressively, entitled, and without any concern for the experience of their fellow concert-goers.

    The most hilarious part was the mass consumption of $6/can PBR’s by all these faux-hippies and inner-city cowboys. Anyone wealthy enough to drop $6 a pop on numerous PBR’s couldn’t have possibly connected to Ryan Bingham’s music. Maybe they were there for Silent Comedy?

    Great writeup. I think you’d like my photo gallery of the show:


  4. WCO

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. The Dead Horses knocked it out with tight, well performed, well written songs. Ryan Bingham is the real deal. Crowds at these events are always something.

    I still don’t understand why one would pay $20 and talk all the way through the show. Just go to a bar and BS if thats what you want to do. Or at least go stand in the lobby and let those of us who want to listen get to hear the music. I don’t want to hear about who is dating Heather and how awesome the snow is at Vail and other BS.

    Overall, a great show, I will make a point of trying to see him again. Maybe I will get lucky and they will play at a venue where people want to listen.

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