Wow, That’s a Good Song: Spirits of the Red City, “As Animal”

I recently discovered this orchestral folk collective’s 2009 full-length album, Hunter Moon, lurking in one of the many piles of “things to listen to eventually”, and I am sad that it’s taken me so long to find them.   They swung through Chicago a few weeks ago, although I was probably sick, or busy, or sick and busy, and would have missed the show anyway.   Spirits of the Red City were in Austin for SXSW, and the lovely folks over at Mezzic called their set “possibly the most gorgeous secret SXSW show“.  I can only imagine.   Here’s one of my favorite songs off of Hunter Moon, the closing track “As Animal”.   It’s one that could very easily bring tears to my eyes.

you were more than a room, you were more than a place
you were more than a word that I cannot erase
though I might have been mad across my mind and my face
well let my heart and my body be as animal

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