Wow, That’s A Good Song: Lady Gaga Fugue

When I was a lot younger I took piano lessons. I took a lot of piano lessons. And the stuff I liked best, and played best, was all Baroque.

I’ve looked back on my days romping through The Well-Tempered Clavier with fondness and nostalgia, I’ve longed for piano access so I could revisit scales and finger exercises at the very least, but never have I pined for a piano as much as I’m pining right now.

Because a gentleman by the name of Giovanni Dettori wrote a three-part fugue based on Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”, and he was kind enough to post the score on his site (link goes to PDF).

Dettori appears to be a freelance musician based in Italy, and today he is my hero. You’d better believe this piece is saved to my hard drive for future use, preferably to be deployed in a bar or similar to get drinks. You’d buy me a drink if I could play a three-part fugue based on “Bad Romance”, right? Right.

Giovanni Dettori: Official Site | MySpace