Marissa Nadler, “Marissa Nadler”

Marissa Nadler’s latest self-titled release, her fifth full-lenth album, pushes her music further out of her usual box of sparse, dreamy folk and into something a little more fully realized.  Stand-out tracks like “Baby I Will Leave You in the Morning” bring a full band sound to the album, yet still fit well alongside quiet, acoustic tracks like closing song “Daisy, Where Did You Go?”.  The new album, which was entirely fan-funded via Kickstarter, sounds a little more full, with slide guitar and a tinge of country style to it, but the real draw here is Nadler’s voice.  Breathy and tremulous, Nadler’s voice transports the listener into her world, and it’s hard to escape the feelings of melancholy and sadness that she brings to life.

Check out the below video, for “Baby I Will Leave You in the Morning”.

Marissa Nadler is out now, from Box of Cedar.   Catch her tonight at Schubas as she opens for Timber Timbre.

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