Death Ships, “Circumstantial Chemistry”

Chicago-by-way-of-Iowa band Death Ships returns with their first full length album since their 2006 debut. Circumstantial Chemistry is more of a straight-up pop rock album than their previous efforts. Gone is the acoustic guitar of singer/bandleader Dan Maloney, and for the most part, gone are most of the country folk tinges that the band started out with; in its place are ten solid, upbeat rock songs peppered with guitar riffs and occasional swirling electronica effects. There’s nothing truly groundbreaking in this collection of songs, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing.  Not all albums need to revolutionize music as we know it, after all.  The album is an easy listen, with songs about love and luck and death, led easily by Maloney’s soaring voice.  My particular favorites include album opener “Fan Sleeper”, “Bootstraps”, and “We’re In Luck”.

The album is available to stream and/or purchase on Bandcamp.  Check it out below, and throw some money their way if you like what you hear.

Death Ships make a stop at Schubas on Saturday night for their record release show.  The show starts at 10 pm and admission is $8.

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