Wow, That’s A Good Song: Jeff Pianki, “Old Habits”

I recently saw Michigan-based artist Jeff Pianki at Lincoln Hall, opening for Rocky Votolato and Matt Pond PA, and was quite impressed. He’s a singer-songwriter, boy with a guitar, and quite a charming one at that. There were plenty of melancholy songs to go around, like you have with singer-songwriter-boys-with-guitars, but also plenty of humorous moments, too. There was a kazoo, okay? A kazoo.

Jeff Pianki – Old Habits from Blair Neighbors on Vimeo.

Four years and a new man falls for you
So why fight it when you think you might love him too?
Old habits die hard or never do
Keep lying ’till they all catch up to you

I’ll be playing one of Jeff’s songs tonight whenever I take over CHIRP’s airwaves (or, um, streaming-internet-waves) from 6 to 9 pm Central.  You can listen along at home by clicking on this link right here.

Jeff Pianki: Official Website | FacebookTumblr | Bandcamp