First Aid Kit, “The Lion’s Roar”

Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg return with their second full-length album, a collection of simple indie-folk songs which feature their well-matched vocals above all else. Beyond the lyrics and the songwriting — none of the lyrics are particularly groundbreaking — their voices are the real draw on this album. They’ve been previously compared to a female version of Fleet Foxes, which is understandable, given their tight harmonies and simple backing music. Most of the tracks fit that model of gentle but mostly upbeat folk-rock songs. Title track “The Lion’s Roar” is an excellent track, one which I already admit to listening to on repeat an embarrassing number of times. “Emmylou”, a sweet tribute to country greats like Emmylou Harris and Johnny Cash, is heavy on lap steel and could easily be mistaken as a track from any of the current Americana-inspired US bands rather than a pair of Swedes. Closing track “King of the World” features a guest appearance on vocals by Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes).

The Lion’s Roar is out today on Redeye (Wichita in the UK).

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