Josephine Foster & The Victor Herrero Band, “Perlas”

Josephine Foster teams up for a second time with husband Victor Herrero and his band on this collection of Spanish folk songs and poems.  This is a follow-up to their 2010 release Anda Jaleo, which has a similar old world sound to Perlas, which was recorded live to tape in Spain.  The recording has a a perfect vintage feel.  If you didn’t know any better, you would swear this was a dusty vinyl album that someone unearthed, but instead it’s just Foster and company breathing new life into traditional music.  It’s very minimally produced, helping to add to the authentic feel of all of the songs.  Foster’s brilliant soprano ties the album together, and the whole thing has an aura of melancholy to it, even if you can’t understand the words.  Perfect for a rainy day or winding down after a late night.

Josephine Foster & the Victor Herrero Band: Official Website | MySpace