Wow, That’s a Good Song: Bear Bones, “Oil & Lacquer”

My “To Be Sorted” folder on my computer is massive, full of music I’ve acquired through various PR people, free MP3s, label samplers, give-us-your-email-and-get-a-song, on and on.  It is a huge, hulking list of stuff that has a lot of things I’m lukewarm about, some stuff I delete before I get to the thirty-second mark, and some stuff that I put on repeat and kick myself for not bothering to listen to it earlier.

Bear Bones falls into that latter category.  Headed up by Ben Harrison, a Scot with an utterly charming singing accent, Bear Bones is an eight-piece folk rock explosion of awesome.  They don’t have an album out (yet), sadly, but there are a handful of great songs available on iTunes.

I didn’t hear what you said
Obviously, I’m not proud of myself
And I’m wracking my brain
But there’s not a prize for guessing the weight on my shoulders
That weighs a ton and I felt every year I got older
I’m not surprised that you’re rubbing your eyes to stay warm

Bear Bones: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter