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Located in Chicago since 2006, Sarah began How’s My Living generally because she had a lot of Feelings about music, and Chicago, and music in Chicago, that she wanted to get out for consumption by the blog-reading masses.  You can find her on Twitter with the blog’s dedicated account at How’s My Living.

When she’s not being Just Another Music Blogger, she put in long days in Corporate America.  While her main hobbies include trawling the internet for new and interesting things, wasting time on Facebook, and buying cute things on Etsy, she also hosts a weekly radio show for Chicago Independent Radio Project (Fridays, 8-10 pm Central) and sings with Jungle of Cities, a folk-rock/Americana inspired band.  She also blogs about books at Short and Sweet Reviews.  Sarah has also previously performed with several local ensembles, including the Chicago Licorice Sticks, Lakeside Pride symphonic band and saxophone ensemble, and the DePaul Community Chorus.


Currently located in Denver, Mel is a twentysomething Southern transplant raised on piano lessons, bluegrass festivals, Louisville’s oldies station, and her parents’ record collection. She has unfortunately forgotten more about music theory than she will ever get back. Her first concert was the Rolling Stones at age four, the concert she remembers least is Bill Monroe at the Kentucky Horse Park, and her favorite concert is a tie between Wilco at Red Rocks and Dave Rawlings Machine at the Melting Point in Athens, Georgia.

She likes traveling to see shows — current winner for distance is Denver to Portland, Maine — and is concerned less with the music itself and more with the cultures and history surrounding and supporting American popular music. This isn’t to say you won’t catch her writing reviews of the new stuff that crosses her path, just that the reviews of new stuff will usually come with context.

Mel has minor obsessions with Wilco (and side projects), Andrew Bird, Leo Kottke, the Oxford American’s annual music issue, and whatever Gillian Welch and David Rawlings are plotting these days, but she will try to keep her exuberance to acceptable levels.

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