London Bound

Photo by Steven’s Transport Photos, used under Creative Commons Licensing Well, dear friends, I am off for a week in London, where I will be mostly internet-less and thus not around to share my delightful insight with you all.  Not to worry, though; I’ve queued up several posts to go up while I’m away.  And […]

Happy Halloween-ish

Happy Halloween-ish

I’m busy being in transit today, and then most likely furiously napping before heading out to the Mumford & Sons show tonight. In other words, there are no Halloween festivities for me this year, so last year’s costume* wishes you a happy Halloween weekend. Enjoy yourselves, kids. * Note, if you are ever looking for […]


Good afternoon, my internet friends.  My lovely blog here is going to be on hiatus for a little while; there’s been a sudden death in the family and I’m in the midst of making ridiculous last-minute travel reservations and pleading with government people to get a visa and an emergency passport and all of that.  […]