5 responses to “Guest Post: Concert Review: Andrew Bird at Largo, 5/15”

  1. Jason

    Thanks for the review. It is nice to get another perspective. I think it was that lack of joy that left me uneasy. It was a great experience to be there though. I wonder what this summer will bring?

  2. Afield in MN

    Thank you so much! What an insightful peek into the night and into the feeling tone of how he is creating. Seems a healthy change and release from the past year’s touring life….. in a a Lull.

  3. Miao

    I had thought there was no way I could hear anything about these shows, since Largo is such a small venue, but I did. Thanks so much for the review. It reminds me of all the reasons why I love him. I hope he’s happy. Fingers crossed that I can get my US visa in time to see him this summer. :]

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