6 responses to “Upcoming Event: Chicago Roots Collective Festival, 11/5 & 11/6”

  1. Rick

    Oops, had javascript turned off. Thanks NoScript from protecting me from the evils of howsmyliving.com

    I’ll post again. Just kill my other comment that’s queued up. Thanks!

    I’m not familiar with many (any?) of the bands on the bill. I know I should do some research, but can you give me a quick run-down of which artists you’re most excited to see? Looks like a cool event for a great cause. Thanks Sarah!

  2. Danny

    Hey Rick,
    For starters, try Mike Mangione and the Union, Todd Kessler and the New Folk, The Shams Band, and Cobalt and the Hired Guns. I think you’ll dig ’em. All the bands are pretty dang good, though!

  3. Rick

    Thanks to both of you for the recs. Sounds like they’re will be tons of great music to see.

  4. Diana Lawrence

    Thanks for posting about this, Sarah!