2 responses to “Jeff Tweedy, Rahm Emanuel, Live Nation, Etc.”

  1. Steve Rhodes

    Just wanted to thank you for the thoughtful post. Nicely done.

  2. Bitsy

    Thanks for the post. I read this months ago, and was compelled to read it again recently.

    I think that, like most of the people who call themselves “true democrats,” or “liberal” or “progressive” yet voted for Emanuel, Tweedy simply just didn’t do his homework on the candidate. Emanuel had money, media bias and celebrity, and sway over a mindset that conflated him with the 2008 Obama and relied on polls to tell them who to vote for. The facts were there for anyone who wanted to do the required homework; sadly, not enough of them did, especially the MSM, who really should have most of all. I think that Tweedy could well have been one of them. I saw a recent Bragg interview and he is still stumped as to how Tweedy can collaborate on a labor of love for labor and then support Emanuel, who by the way, did not need a benefit at all. Now that Emanuel’s been in office, it’s becoming crystal clear that this corporatist mayor is not on the side of teachers, labor, or even our police. Thanks again.