2 responses to “Recommended Reading/(Not Really An) Album Review: NY Mag on Wilco’s The Whole Love”

  1. Rick

    I was waiting for your review Mel, and I think you nailed it. I actually downloaded the album leak, and then found myself guilted into buying it on release day, and strangely haven’t listened to it since then. I’ve listened to a lot of Wilco recently, but just not their last two records. “Meh” is right.

    On the other hand, I picked up tickets to all FIVE of their Chicago shows. The first night (an all ages show) I’m taking my young son to his first real concert. But then, as they released dates for their ever-shrinking portable residency, I found that I just couldn’t stop myself. Seeing them at the Riv? Okay. The Vic? Sure. The Metro? Gasp! Lincoln Hall? ZOMG! No matter how “meh” this record is, getting Wilco into those clubs should produce SOMETHING worth seeing. I missed my chances to see them in small clubs, so hopefully this will make up for it.