6 responses to “Concert Review: Andrew Bird, Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA, 3/17/12”

  1. Mike C

    Nice review! I was recently talking with Ian Schneller of Specimen Products and he mentioned that he and Andrew were quite ill at both MCA shows this past December. When I saw a YouTube video of Andrew performing in New Orleans last week wearing a red stocking cap (???) I wondered if he was sick again. Your review confirms that. I just hope he isn’t pushing himself too much, his tour schedule is grueling plus he has added special shows in Chicago March 21, and New York March 31. (I will be at the Martyrs show !!!)

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  3. Taylor

    I am starting to wonder if I am bad luck for Andrew Bird. The first time I saw him live was October of 2010 in Nashville. He was sick then, and he was sick for the Atlanta show. If he would not mention it, I would never know. Great review. I am always thankful to have him arounds our parts. I hope he makes a trip to Asheville in the near future. I’d love to see him in my favorite southern city.

  4. Claire

    Thanks for the review! I really enjoyed it. I second the sentiment about wanting to know how he’d sound healthy; I’m amazed (and grateful) he put on such a fantastic show when he was clearly under the weather. I guess I’ll just have to go to another of his concerts someday…