There’s a whole industry devoted to writing songs pitched toward a certain demographic. All I can do is write about what I care about and hope you might relate. And if not, here are some sweet melodies. This is my life’s work and I’ve been immersed in it so long that I can’t really extract one from the other. So I kept envisioning one of those bumper stickers on the back of a semi-trailer that says, “How’s my driving? Call…” I kept thinking, “How’s my living?” as if I were taking suggestions.

Andrew Bird, New York Times Measure for Measure Blog, 2009

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How’s My Living focuses on concert and album reviews, with other related music blather and general awesomeness.   I started this site with the goal of writing about what I care about, and hoping that others out there may relate, or at least stay long enough for a few photos and a Youtube link — hence the appropriateness of the name of the blog, and that Bird quote up there.

I would be more than pleased to write about your music, review your album, or attend your show (as long as you don’t mind an honest opinion)!  I can be contacted either through the comments on this blog or by filling out the contact form.  Unfortunately, I cannot reply to every email I get (unless someone wants to turn this into a paying job), but I do read it all.

All of the photos appearing in the header were taken by me at shows in or around Chicago.  The appearance of various artists in the photos should not be read to imply that they approve of the website or its content, or even know that I exist (sadcakes).

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  1. Jim

    Hey Sarah, nice to have met you at SXSW mixer, unfortunately neither of us won the registration. I read your blog on the mountain goats and I like your style. Your tweet about looking shy & out of place certainly made me laugh as I was feeling the same way!
    Now I am curious about Chicago Licorice Sticks and the Lakeside Pride.