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Recommended Reading: The Worst Gig

We’ve already been over the part where Tuesdays are terrible. Some gossip might help! Music journalist Jon Niccum has started up The Worst Gig, where he posts stories from interviews he’s done about the worst shows bands or musicians have ever played. Artists already up include Gillian Welch, Wilco (interview with John Stirratt), Rufus Wainwright, […]

Recommended Reading: Presidential Campaign Songs, Reviewed

Paul Constant, the books editor of Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger, is taking on presidential campaign songs on Line Out, The Stranger’s music blog. It’s good stuff. For example, on James Madison: Any song with Huzzah in the title should be a balls-to-the-walls party through and through. “Huzzah for Madison” fails at that. It feels perfunctory. […]