Andrew Bird + Modern Art + XRT = Heck Yes.

In the OMFG Why Does Everything Depend on Luck department…

Chicago’s 93XRT announced that they will be hosting a very special Night at the Museum; only in this version, the exhibits don’t come alive and chase Ben Stiller around. 

No, instead, Andrew Bird will help break in the new modern wing of the Art Institute in his own, special style with a small, intimate little show on Monday, September 21st.  I took a stroll through the modern wing recently and found it to be absolutely exquisite, a perfect place for a thinking man’s musician like Andrew Bird to play a little music and experiment a bit.  Guests will be “treated to cocktails and conversation about the intersection between Art and music…past, present and future”, quoth XRT’s website.

As of right now, it appears the only way in is via sheer luck.  You can sign up for a VIP account with XRT, where you earn points for doing things, and then use those points to enter what amounts to a ticket lottery.  It’s all terribly convoluted.  I’m sure there will be ticket giveaways in the near future, because that’s the way things roll.

For now, I’m working on figuring out how the hell to earn approximately seven bajillion XRT points to enter the lottery.  If you’re feeling generous, feel like signing up for things, or, you know, are a generally awesome person, one way to earn points is through friend referrals, and so it would be totally awesome if you were thinking about signing up for your own chances to win, or to support awesome local media, if you’d drop me a line (via the contact link that’s up above somewhere) with your first name and email so I can invite you and thus get more points for world domination.  I am not, in fact, above shameless begging.

Or, you know, not.

May the best desperate internet dweller win.  Go back to clicking now.