Girlyman +1

Folk favorites Girlyman have expanded.  The trio, formerly of Brooklyn and now of Atlanta (kind of), have added drummer JJ Jones to their happy little family.  While rhythm duties have previously been the domain of Ty Greenstein, Jones will bring a bigger sound, as it looks like she’s playing on a set instead of hand drumming.  In a recent newsletter, the band said that she’s helped them find the big sound that they’ve been looking for.

JJ Jones has been drumming, arranging, and producing for many years and has played with a whole host of artists, including Ellis, Edie Carey, Vance Gilbert, Beth Wood, and Tret Fure.  She’s played at the National Women’s Music Festival and the Red Rock Women’s Festival and has taught at the Rocky Mountain Song School.

In other words, she sounds like a perfect fit for Girlyman!

Girlyman, including JJ Jones, is currently on tour in support of their newest album, Everything’s Easy, which was self-produced and financed by fan donations.  You can catch them at SPACE in Evanston on February 11th, with the always amazing Lucy Wainwright Roche opening.  It’s on a weeknight, which means that I’m a little reluctant to trek up to Evanston and back, but I’m a little more tempted now to check out their new sound.

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