9 responses to “Checking In On The Railroad Revival Tour”

  1. Christina

    The Railroad can also be used as a regenerative force for travel in America. Away from reclusive auto travel, or segregated tour bus travel, into the masses as it were. What other model, if the “concert model” you are concerned with as you say, “trades on bad history” would you prefer to experience live music in?

  2. Rue

    You don’t have a ‘like’ button, or I would be pushing it.

  3. C

    What I mean is: The PR pulled quotes from the bands on what their own personal imagery of trains is. It is not the entire focus of the tour. A major focus is using cleaner methods of transportation, and hopefully appealing to a “younger demo” to begin using these methods. Hopefully promoting a “regenerative” make over of the US rail system. This would instigate job creation, and economic growth. Those are positives, looking forward into what rail travel can be.
    Also, there are some passenger tickets going out, and the bands being together and eating, sleeping, creating together during the tour is much more communal than bus travel and hotel stays, where each band is segregated from one another, can more environmentally friendly.
    It is not intended to negate any “bad history” or imagery other people like yourself think of, but to, yes, maybe take a romantic approach to encourage folks to take another look at a mode of transport that could be a positive choice for the future.

  4. TJ

    Is it possible that these musicians just decided it would be cool to do, regardless of the reason, or the history, or the environmental concern. I’m guessing they all just decided that it would be fun. I’m also thinking that, not everything, needs to be for a reason, like saving the planet, revitalizing the economy, or teaching us history.