Wow, That’s a Good Song: Gaberdine, “1918”

I was introduced to Chicago “quiet indie rock band” Gaberdine when they opened for Low at Lincoln Hall recently. At the end of the show, I bought all three of their albums. That should tell you something about how good they are, right?

Gaberdine features the songwriting of Mark Federighi, who also sings lead and takes care of many, many instruments. The songs have a sweeping orchestral feel to them, reminding me of a less trippy Lost in the Trees. If you like Lost in the Trees, you should like Gaberdine. If you don’t like Lost in the Trees, you’ll probably like Gaberdine, too. Trust me on this one.

The song featured below, “1918”, is one of the ones that really solidified the fact that yes, yes I did love this band and wanted to hear more.

it echoes through summery air
the dogs bark alarm
‘cause they’re scared something’s there
and you’ve got a similar fear
or so it appears
as it rings in your ears
and under the bed
stir the monsters that dance ‘round your head

Gaberdine’s latest full-length album, When We Land, is available to stream or purchase on Bandcamp, along with their previous releases.  Do yourself a favor and fall in love with their music.

Gaberdine: Official Website | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Store