Kickstarter Project: A New Album from Rocky Votolato

I keep intending to highlight worthy Kickstarter projects here, but always get distracted.  Now’s a good enough time to start!

One of my favorite artists, Rocky Votolato, is stepping away from the whole released-on-a-label thing and is looking to self-release his newest album, Television of Saints. He’s aiming to raise $20,000 in the next month. Funds all go towards the expenses of putting the album together: recording costs, paying musicians, mastering, artwork, manufacturing, promotion, etc.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Rocky several times, including at a house party here in Chicago a couple of years ago, and not only is he a very talented songwriter and performer, but one of the sweetest musicians I’ve ever chatted with. He previewed a few new songs whenever I saw him at Lincoln Hall earlier this year, and I’m guessing that Television of Saints is going to be a great album.

Check out his Kickstarter video, below, and chip in a few bucks to help the new album become a reality.

Rocky Votolato: Official Website | MySpace | Facebook | Twitter | Store