Hooray for Covers! Scott Bradlee and Friends, “Imagine”

I found an unlabeled MP3 of this song in my “to be sorted” folder and found myself intrigued by the slightly whimsical cover, and the strength of the singer’s voice.  It took a little Googling, but I eventually found the source. (Note to artists: label your MP3s accurately!  It makes it easier for me to write about you!)

Scott Bradlee is a New York-based singer-songwirter who put this cover together with a bunch of friends.  It was recorded live in one take.  The vocalist is Niia, and I will definitely be checking her out in the future.  Bradlee and friends are also responsible for the Motown Tribute to Nickelback, the only thing in recent memory which has made Nickelback listenable.

Scott Bradlee: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube