Hooray for Covers! Beautiful Small Machines, “Paper Planes”

So, the other day on my radio show, I played a track off of Bree Sharp’s 1999 debut album, A Cheap and Evil Girl.  She released a follow-up album a few years later and then largely dropped off the musical map.  My curiosity piqued by how much I enjoyed her totally-not-a-guilty-pleasure album, I hit up the Google to see what she’s been up to, and boy, did I hit jackpot!

Work on Sharp’s third album, Robots in Love, gradually morphed into being less of a solo acoustic effort and more of an eclectic collaboration with Don DiLego, and they dubbed their side project Beautiful Small Machines.  My Google skills were extra handy, though, because it turns out that Beautiful Small Machines have just released a delightful, banjo-infused cover of MIA’s “Paper Planes”.  And if there’s anything I love around here, it’s banjos and intriguing, genre-bending covers of popular songs.

The cover is available on iTunes, along with a few other EPs that Beautiful Small Machines have put out over the years.  According to their website, Sharp herself is working on another solo album.

Dear Google, thank you for bringing this wonderfulness back into my life.  Love, me.

Beautiful Small Machines: Official Website | Facebook | Twitter