What’s Better than Free Music?

JAN2ND2010_TICKETFLIERWhy, free music and a free show, of course!

Billing itself as “the greatest show ever”, four local(-ish) bands are teaming up for a show at Metro on January 2nd, and not only are they offering up albums and EPs for free download, but by visiting their (pretty swank looking) website promoting the show and printing out a flier, you can get in for free if you arrive before 9 pm. 

Of the four bands on the bill — Kid, You’ll Move Mountains; Picture Books; Venna; and Crayolala — the first three have music available on the site to download, and the fourth is “coming soon”.  I’ve been listening to the albums that have been offered up and am definitely enjoying it so far.  Barring unanticipated sickness or some other trauma, I’m penciling this show in on my calendar.

The show is $9 (plus whatever fees Metro/their ticket vendor tacks on) if you don’t feel like taking advantage of their promotional generosity.

And, see, this is what I love about the internet, about social media (I heard about this show on Twitter, after all), and bands open to working with the ever-changing music model, getting away from $20 CDs and being open to giving away their music in hopes of a return on that investment later on.  And, you know, it works.  Here are four bands who I’ve never heard of who I will now take an interest in, who I will go see live, and who I’m now blogging about, in hopes that you too will find something you like.  See?  That’s the cool way that things work these days.