6 responses to “Concert Review: Andrew Bird; Power Center, Ann Arbor, MI, 6/18/11”

  1. Miao

    Hey Sarah, did I ever tell you how much I enjoy reading your Andrew Bird concert reviews? I think his reviews that get published in the general media aren’t half as insightful or informative as yours. There’s so much understanding and appreciation of his music (and all for the right reasons) in these reviews, which make them all the more wonderful, to me at least. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to his new album.

  2. Mel

    This review makes me so happy for so many reasons!

    Not sure how different this was hearing it live, but the impression I got was that the newer stuff was cleaner and tighter, performance-wise, than the older stuff — I’m using the gezelligheid shows as my primary point of comparison. Accurate? If so, it seems odd…

  3. Jeff

    Great review! I was at that show too and, of course, really enjoyed it. You did a nice job discussing his new songs, all of which I didn’t know anything about before the show.

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