Andrew Bird, Fourth Presbyterian Church, 12/16

I don’t know what went on between Wednesday night and Thursday, but something magical happened, because this show was amazing. Andrew Bird came out strong with a newer song, “Hole in the Ocean Floor”, setting a high bar for the rest of the night. Not even flubbed loops or a handful of technical difficulties could slow the show down. I spent most of the show looking like a kid for whom Christmas came early, no joke.  There were several surprises and moments that left me a little awe-struck, including one of the best versions of “Why?” that I’ve ever heard, an enthralling solo stab at “Tables and Chairs”, and the inclusion of the rather rare “Dear Dirty”. 

Hole in the Ocean Floor
Wake Up
Carrion Suite
Desperation Breeds
Crown Salesman (Jeremy Ylvisaker/Alpha Consumer)
The Lazy Projector
I On I (formerly known as Oh Baltimore)
Tables and Chairs
Dear Dirty (w/ Jeff Parker)
Barn Tapes (w/ Jeff Parker)
Danse Caribbe (w/ Jeff Parker)
Section 8 City (w/ Jeff Parker)
Orpheus Looks Back
Goin’ Home (Charley Patton)

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